With speeds up to 100Gbps, IRIS Networks provides internet and flexible phone service to support your organization, your devices, and your cloud-based applications. We share your commitment to serving your community and your passion for excellence by providing fast internet, reliable phone service, and dependable connectivity.

While all educational organizations may share some commonalities, when it comes to internet and telecommunications needs, we know that one size does NOT fit all; location, staffing, and budgetary considerations all play a role.

IRIS Networks provides the value and service you need today and partners with you as those needs change. We will assess your needs and goals and develop a custom solution. IRIS Networks provides the following value-added services to our customers:

K-12 Education

Education has become more complex as advanced technology is pushed into the classroom and further into rural America. Bandwidth needs for your school system are increasing exponentially. IRIS Networks is one of the leaders in providing services to rural communities and urban areas. We assist educators across our region with advanced IP Network and CyberSecurity services, like DDoS, tailored to the school’s needs.

Allow IRIS Networks to demonstrate our advanced Gigabit DIA with Security Mitigation services and support by engaging your staff in assessing their current and future needs. We work with you to ensure you are getting the funding for your applications while taking care of the needs of your students.

Higher Education

Higher Education has its own unique set of requirements for information and telecommunication services. Bandwidth needs continue to increase demand for computing power, cloud storage, and interconnection to other education centers. Our team assists you in meeting your community’s ever-increasing demands.

IRIS Networks leverages its network to support large networking requirements. We work with many universities and regional colleges; you need Gigabit bandwidth and the most advanced security services to protect your data and network. Additionally, we offer traditional services for voice, private lines, SD/WAN, and MPLS networks to keep your colleagues connected.

As a fiber-based service provider, IRIS is an ideal partner for complex data networks as we sell dedicated point-to-point broadband transport for voice, video and data at speeds between 20Mbps and 400Gbps.

 Discover the unparalleled value and reliability of our PDN, delivering exceptional performance at a competitive price point, with enhanced security, privacy, and dedicated infrastructure. 

The IRIS network is uniquely situated to deliver Internet and Voice solutions.

Decades of experience delivering innovative solutions, building a culture of accountability, and putting our customers first.

We take pride in contributing to the development of education in our coverage area and supporting the growth of our communities.

Our commitment to excellence permeates the entire IRIS organization and extends from our front-line crew to our leadership team.

IRIS Networks provides valuable services to our customers.

Custom-designed solutions
Dedicated Account Manager
24/7/365 Local Support

Carrier Solutions

Design custom solutions that solve complex issues and give enterprise businesses a competitive advantage.

Business Solutions

Design custom solutions that solve complex issues and give enterprise businesses a competitive advantage.

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