Carrier Ethernet

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For scalable solutions that deliver for networks of all sizes, turn to IRIS for amazing connectivity, quality and flexibility.

IRIS Networks’ next-generation, fiber-based infrastructure can deliver direct and diverse light-speed access from and through our region to anywhere in the world through highly scalable Carrier Ethernet solutions that provide the utmost quality and reliability.

Turning LANs into WANs with amazing quality and flexibility, our Carrier Ethernet products deliver the connectivity that enables businesses to connect farther and quicker than ever before, with unbelievable bit rates.

Unique Features

  • 10M to 100G for any-sized business needs
  • All connection types available: ELIN (point-to-point), ELAN (multipoint-to-multipoint), ETREE (point-to-multipoint)
  • Seamless connection to national hubs, including Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago and Ashburn, VA
  • Seamlessly bridges the rural-to-urban digital divide in Tennessee

Other connectivity options

Internet Access

We offer connection speeds of 100Mbps to 100Gbps

Dark Fiber

Our dark fiber allows any bandwidth while reducing latency and maintaining diversity.

Our Regional Network

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Chicago, IL

Better quality & Better user experience.

At Iris, we’re working hard to connect people, offices, ideas and our region with the most robust, reliable business communications solutions. Operating a 5,000-mile fiber network, we’re expanding our digital footprint across Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky.