Carrier Internet Access

IRIS DIA delivers speeds up to 100Gbps

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

As your network demands increase, so must your access to reliable bandwidth. IRIS Networks’ robust internet infrastructure delivers the capacity necessary for your network.

Built with diverse core access points to provide world-class broadband connectivity that brings the edge closer to your network. The benefits are superior quality, greater capacity and better user experience.

For scalable solutions that deliver for networks of all sizes, turn to IRIS for amazing connectivity, quality and flexibility.

Unique Features

Flexible & Scalable

To grow with your demands — 10Mbps to 100Gbps

Low Latency Backbone

Provides a faster way to reach national CDN peering and carrier hotels

Diverse Access

Physical and virtual backbone topologies are both diverse and multi-homed

Depth of Reach

From the smallest town to the largest metropolitan areas, IRIS brings world-class connectivity to local communities

Connectivity Options

Carrier Overview

Carrier-grade solutions with local delivery and support.

Carrier Ethernet

Featuring E-LINE, E-LAN, and E-TREE.

Dark Fiber

A high-capacity network solution for unlimited bandwidth, complete service control and total reliability.


Connectivity for a new POP, colocation facility, data center, or cell site