Connecting Tennessee & Beyond

Tennessee is moving ahead. The 15th fastest-growing state economy will add nearly a million inhabitants by 2040 – and that growth means infrastructure must evolve.

Designed to support and accelerate the pace of innovation in Tennessee and the region, IRIS Networks delivers a world-class fiber network, robust middle-mile, and extensive broadband access. We reach over 250 communities and connect Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, and beyond.

Rely on next-generation communications and connectivity solutions backed by a commitment to provide unparalleled service from our local technicians and agents to our CEO.

Robust, Reliable & Ready for Your Needs

At IRIS, we’re enhancing our region with the most robust and reliable communication solutions. Bringing ultra-high-speed voice, data, and Internet solutions to over 250 communities, we’re reaching across Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky.

The Network You Need is Here

Great networks don’t call attention to themselves. They just work, quietly, empowering modern commerce and communications. With the region’s strongest infrastructure, IRIS has all the elements needed to ensure your business thrives.

Reach – Covering over 250 communities in and around Tennessee

Room – Future-proof capacity to meet tomorrow’s demands

Reliability – Engineered to the highest performance standards

Responsiveness – Local support team focused on the best customer experience

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